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about me
I am a 35 year old "single" father. Even though this is a professional profile, I feel it is important to say that first. I was not always the best father, employee, or even person. Now that I have become all those things, I realize the one thing that holds all that together is my sons and being a good father, and role model, to them.
However, I also realize that without income I can not provide what is bedeck to be that man. Without professional behavior, work, and thinking I will not have the means to provide a better life.
As such, I take work seriously, and strive to perform at my absolute best at all times. I am a logical thinker with an eye for detail. I am open to constructive criticism and insight yet like to work problems out on my own. Which does lead to being stuck sometimes, so feel free to give me a push in the right direction.

Computers. Networking. Fiber connections. Hardware. Open source. Windows. Linux. Android. Service calls. Women(not professional but honest)

favorite music
Underground!! Whoop whoop. And metal

favorite movies
Reservoir dogs. Requiem for a dream. Transformers(animated). Be cool. SWORDFISH(ginger my sweet) this list gets long quick

favorite tv shows
Dr. Who. SG universe. Battlestar Galactica. Star trek. Enterprise. Legend of the seeker. Heroes. Glee(yes glee). Fringe. Lie to me. Another long list

favorite books
Hitchhikers "trilogy". Lincoln rhyme novels. Dean koontz frankenstein series

favorite quote
"42" - Deep Thought's answer to "the ultimate question"

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