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by  yundu654321 on 12/15/2015 6:13 PM
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Changzhou Anytekabel Co.,Ltd. company using the German advanced precise Flexible Cable design concept, manufacturing technology and mature production and technical cooperation with German cable company, take the customer demand as the guidance, for the development of r&d, production, sales and service as one of the cable company of new and high technology. 
Company's products include flexible control cable, flexible cable drag chain, flexible data transmission cable, servo cable, bus cable, electrical equipment installation of cable, mobile container trailer special cable, 
UL CSA MTW NM-B NMD90 Building Cable etc., products with resistance to high temperature, cold resistant, oil resistant, corrosion resistance, tensile, abrasion resistance, acid, waterproof, antibacterial, ozone, slight impact resistance, etc.

by  yundu654321 on 12/7/2015 6:36 PM
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The following narrative is based on has been able to skillfully use the oscilloscope.
1. The color video camera video signal flexible wire cable can be used as a standard video signal source: test engineering use cameras, video output in the range should be 1 of the 75 ohm load vp - p, that is, the bottom of the line synchronization head to video signal with the highest white "peak - peak";Note row synchronization head by "0.3 V", color synchronization head (4.43 M) sine wave pulse amplitude is 0.3 the Vp - p;Choose good oscilloscope, sensitivity to amplitude calibration status. Choose a measurement indicators better camera as "video source";
2. The test THHN cable to take a bit longer as far as possible, to reduce the error of measurement, such as 1000 meters, the cable intermediate joint must use "F type joint" and coaxial two-way (cable equipment), do not use welding method, because the welding way destroys the continuity of the coaxial and characteristic impedance of the nm-b cables.

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