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by  yundu654321 on 3/8/2016 10:24 PM
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The selection of the coal mine Power Cable should consider economy already, also consider security."Coal mine safety regulations" article four hundred and sixty-seven paragraph 8: the fixed installation of high and low voltage cables, the operator must be used;MT818 standard rubber set soft cable, mobile and handheld electric equipment should be used special rubber sets of cables. For portable electrical equipment cable vulnerable to roof rock fall, help and mechanical damage, such as work I be surface electric coal drill power supply cable will since electric coal drill integrated protection device, finally after rail lane, transportation lane's nose and face scraper conveyor and finally to the coalface workplaces.Through these places is easy to make the cable is damaged, make the Control Cable short circuit produces electric spark.If you use mine fire retardant shielding rubber sets of cables, through leakage protection to cooperate, can lead to cut off the power supply when short circuit fault, to avoid cable short circuit electric spark is produced.In order to enhance the reliability of the lead to cut off the power protection, requirements to mobile power supply switch or starter monitor wire protection.

by  yundu654321 on 2/23/2016 11:33 PM
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The main types of ultra-high voltage power Flexible Cable(1) large submarine power cable length, oil-filled power cable and cross-linked power cable, is 35 ~ 110 kv voltage level, cross section of up to 500 ~ 1200 was, to a few tens of kilometers to hundreds of kilometers length of development; (2) the big cross section high voltage crosslinked Flexible power Cable, is 110 ~ 220 kv voltage class, main specifications from 1000 ~ 2500 was; (3) the large cross-section extra-high voltage cross-linking power cable, is 275 ~ 500 kv voltage class, main specifications from 800 ~ 2500 was; (4) 110 ~ 500 kv oil-filled cable, main specifications from 1000 ~ 2500 was; (5) high pressure, ultra-high voltage cable accessories, the main specifications of 110 ~ 500 kv, 400 ~ 2500 was;

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